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Thank you for taking your time to know more about us. We, the authors of How To Buy A Car website, are automotive consultants, and have been offering guidance to new car buying customers and used car buying customers for over three years during their car purchase.

As automotive consultants our goal was to save the most money for our car shopping customers and make them get the best car deals without any hassle. Through this website, we aim to take this goal to every visitor of this website.

The information provided in this website is based on our personal and customer experiences during new car buying and used car buying. The car websites and auto loan websites recommended in How To Buy A Car website have been used by us or our customers and have been checked thoroughly before including them in this website.

We hope that the information provided in this website brought you savings and reduced the hassle during your car purchase. Share your experiences with us through contact page or at social channels mentioned below. Also contact us on what you found out so that we can update the contents of the website for the benefit of every car shopping customer visiting this website. We thank you again for stopping by and wish you a happy car buying experience!

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